Girl, Wash your burner.

So we obviously LOVE our wax melts but cleaning them is not the most fun job! 

We shared a really simple way of cleaning your burner on TikTok and it was one of our MOST watched videos (well apart from Stacey with her Matilda vibes, but you'll have to find that for yourself 🤭) 

You can see it here

But to fill you in - just pop a tea light in and warm your wax a little, it should pop out almost whole. Pop this in the bin, give it a wipe and hey presto lovely clean burner ready for your next Luxe Home Wax melt 🖤

This is just one way of cleaning them, there are many great tips (see the video comments) always be safe when handling hot wax and NEVER and we mean never use anything like a knife to get your wax out. We know you wouldn't but feel better for saying it.

Did you try it? Let us know 🖤